Qi-Yoga Classes

I LOVE yoga and I know you will too! Even though we will be virtual on Zoom, I SEE you! I will guide you through the poses and remind you to breathe, to be grateful, and most of all to enjoy the experience. Yoga knows no body type, no age, or limitations. Yoga IS where ever YOU are. Meet me in a class today!

  • Qi Yoga: My signature class that blends yoga poses, Qigong exercises, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupressure. Gentle yoga for everyone! MONDAY 9:30 AM
  • QiYoga Challenge: Challenge yourself in strengthening yoga postures. Options to use weights for some of the poses. You pick and choose your pose variations based on your body. I will guide you whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner. THURSDAY 9:30 AM
  • Chair Yoga: Using a chair we will move and strengthen our core; Use the chair for balance poses and seated sun salutes; If getting up and down from the floor is difficult or you want to yoga at your desk, join me TUESDAY 9:30 AM
  • Qi Yoga Peak Pose: This class is great for beginners and seasoned yogi’s alike. Using a card from my yoga affirmation deck we will practice the theme of the pose and experience a deep connection to the pose and it’s energy. TUESDAY 6 PM
  • QiYoga FlowYin:  A challenging Qi-Yoga flow followed by a quieting practice that inspires development of our inner focus when we relax and hold poses on the mat (Yin) for a deep stretch THURSDAY 6 PM
  • All classes Virtual on Zoom

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