What To Expect

what to expect from acupunctureI will encourage your feeling of ease and being at home on your first and on any following visit. After reviewing your health questionnaire, we will discuss your reason for coming for acupuncture and your expectations.

As part of my  “hands on” approach, I will palpate different muscles, acupuncture points, as well as gently feel your abdomen (Hara), check your pulses and look at your tongue.

Your body will, in a sense, communicate to me what is out of harmony, and I translate these findings into a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and acupuncture treatment specifically designed for you!

Initial Acupuncture visits are generally an hour. Follow up treatments can be a half hour to an hour depending on your needs.

Clean Needle Technique protocol is followed, and the acupuncture needles are pre-packaged, sterile and single use.

To find out more of what to expect from an acupuncture treatment, contact Noël Wright for a relaxed, confidential, free 15-minute phone consultation (519) 854-6635

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