Just Wright Wellness

 Are you tired, stressed, anxious, or feeling overwhelmed?

Introduction Session

Now, more than ever, with the added pressure of COVID-19, you need a simple routine to stay healthy and balanced. I am offering an individual wellness package to address your specific concerns. I draw from over 20 years of experience in Chinese medicine, acupressure, yoga and meditation. Now, don’t go saying, “I can’t do yoga!!” Yoga is a state of mind and body, not a statement of your flexibility.

We start with a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health assessment that will be emailed to you upon booking. We will schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss your health questionnaire and address any questions you have. I will develop a routine wellness plan that may include acupressure, breathing, mindful meditation and some movement. Don’t worry, these videos will be short and sweet so you can practice every morning and evening and use the techniques throughout your day if you’re having a tough one. 

I am accepting payment through PayPal or e-transfer to noel.wright63@gmail.com.


If you love how you’re feeling after a week of practicing and want more, we can add 4 more personalized sessions and Zoom meet ups with the “Made for You” program.

4 “Made for You” Sessions

Let’s keep the momentum going and fine tune your program. Now that you are in a groove, let’s keep it! We will still meet weekly, but each week will be fine tuning your program. Maybe you’ve got the sleep down, but you are still feeling tired in the mornings? We will explore what’s happening and change your program to meet these symptoms. You are worth it! Let’s do this!


Are you a teacher?

As an educator working in the field for more than 15 years, I can offer you a powerful way to recharge, prioritize, de-stress, and become a well BEING again! Teachers have the added stress of being available to students often more hours during the week than the parent(s) or caregivers. I know you have deadlines and are often very stressed with grading and other extracurricular activities, leaving little to no time for yourselves. I think that teachers often suffer from unnecessary insomnia, anxiety, lack of proper exercise, and self care, and eventually end up exhausted! And now, on top of everything else your work demands of you, we have the reality of COVID and the uncertainty that accompanies it.

I’m here to help you navigate your days with mindful movement, breathing, meditation, and behavioral changes to create a lasting change in your daily living.

My package includes a health questionnaire followed by a conversation (Zoom or in-person) to develop a 6 week plan to reach your desired outcomes.

I will be available for an in-person call each week for 6 weeks to support you on the way. I will change your plan based on what is happening in your life and when you reach certain goals. I am offering a special at $750 for the first 10 people to sign up! If you feel you’re worth it, then book an online appointment now!