COVID-19 Update

I have received an updated directive from the CTCMPAO that states Acupuncturists can gradually restart practice as of May 28th. I have been given new guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of myself and my clients during this time. 

I will be required to wear a mask during acupuncture treatments as well as gloves as needed. It is also recommended that all clients wear a mask in the office as well. I would appreciate clients bringing their own masks but  I will  have masks available if you choose to wear one.

I will have to space appointments to ensure only one client is in the clinic space at a time and to make sure that I have completed my disinfection protocols before the next client appointment.

There will be additional screening required prior for each appointment and I am trusting clients to be forth coming with any symptoms they have to ensure the safety of anyone that enters the office.

It will be my privilege to guide you on your own experience to feeling healthy.