Workplace Wellness

Whether you are looking for a Qi-Yoga class or a Chair Yoga class , you can count on me to help you move, breathe, and find stillness and certainty.  It is hard to stay connected – with peers, work colleagues, and your team since Covid has affected us. You can’t interact the way you used to, that is, in person. I offer virtual Workshops and Trainings on Zoom – together we can keep you and your team healthy, while also renewing your sense of teamwork and positivity. 

Qi-Yoga is an extremely beneficial practice and studies show that whether you’re a first-time student or advanced practitioner, yoga can help reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep and general health. If you’re interested in booking a virtual workplace Qi-yoga class for you and your team,  please have the following the information on hand:

-What class you want to take (click here to view my classes)
-A few dates and times you have in mind
-An estimated number of participants

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