Acupuncture helps

acupuncture helps

Your experience of pain is unique to you. APM helps uncover the multiple causes of your pain symptoms and designs treatments that specifically address your particular pain and stress, while enhancing your overall health and well being. Read more…

Acupuncture Physical Medicine

With Acupuncture Physical Medicine Noel Wright blends Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese acupuncture and Hara (abdominal) diagnosis with a “hands-on” approach to treating acute and chronic injuries and maladies. This approach was influenced by her extensive clinical practice working in integrative medical settings.

acupuncture physical medicine

Acupuncture diagnosis

Your body communicates what is out of harmony, and these findings are translated into a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and acupuncture treatment specifically designed for you!

acupuncture diagnosis

Treating Stress

Acupuncture treats the physical and emotional symptoms of stress by addressing the root cause. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stress mostly affects the Kidney’s energy or Qi by depleting the adrenal glands. Qi nourishes and supports all the body’s systems. Over time a deficiency in Qi can result in physical problems seen with stress.

acupuncture treats stress

Treating the whole person

Many patients come for the relief of pain or to improve bodily function. Acupuncture is a holistic practice. More than just symptomatic relief, acupuncture addresses the root of the problem and treats the whole person.

acupuncture treats the whole person