Meridian Hatha Yoga & Yoga for Concussions

Meridian Hatha Yoga

yogaforcaregiversIn my signature yoga class we will start with some pranayama (breathing techniques) and then practice a set of  postures that aim at activating and balancing the major acupuncture meridians. Discussion about Traditional Chinese Medicine’s role in our health and well being is discussed as appropriate.  Leave feeling refreshed and healthy! Hatha Yoga is for everybody! It consists of gentle postures, or asanas that are practiced while the yogin breathes and experiences the physical, mental and emotional effects of the pose.  The name yoga means “union”  and suggests a departure point to harmonize the body, mind and emotions through breath (prana), asanas and meditation.

My goal is to guide you through the experience of Hatha Yoga and help you to alleviate your cares, to spend some time in the present moment and get in touch with yourself.

Most importantly, I want to you to be comfortable and grow in your practice at your own pace.

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Yoga for Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

AS a certified yoga instrutor with the Love your Brain Foundation, I offer tailored classes based on their program meditation and yoga program.

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