Acupuncture and Yoga

Since 1999 I have it my mission to provide personalized healthcare to every patient and client of mine. My love for acupuncture began with my own experience. I experienced the effects, not only for pain, but for other medical conditions as well.  Since 1993, I have been practicing and instructing Hatha Yoga. These two ancient sciences blend beautifully in addressing whole body health.

Acupuncture doesn’t just treat our pain. It facilitates a change in our whole body. Emotionally, you can feel more balanced (great news for hormones, ladies and men!!).  Acupuncture can help you destress, recharge and feel invigorated!

It will be my privilege to lead you on your own experience of health.

Soulshine Yoga Studio, “Yoga where you live and work!”  Located at 23 Heather Crescent, East London! I strive to bring the best yoga practices and acupuncture treatments to facilitate healing and well being. You can book your class online at Soulshine Yoga Class Schedule

Body, Mind & Spirit Treatment Approach

I incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine with Japanese style acupuncture to create an individualized treatment for you.  Our bodies process pain and stress differently.I utilize modalities like cupping, moxa and laser as needed.  My job is to help you become proactive in discovering the root causes of your imbalances and help you make the right choices for total recovery.

Acupuncture for Well-being

Let’s face it. Stress is a common household word, often the cause why we hold tension in certain muscles, have digestive complaints or can’t sleep and feel anxious. Begin to incorporate acupuncture into your health regime for your well-being.

Pain, Digestion, Eye Health

You don’t have to be a world class athlete to get a sports injury. Constipation or IBS got you off your game?  Dry eyes? Call me for an appointment to get you back in the swing of things!

Hatha Yoga

In my classes you will learn the foundations of Hatha Yoga by challenging yourself in poses (asanas), breath work (pranayama) and meditation. My signature Meridian Flow Class with activate your acupuncture meridians potential and balance your being. See our class styles Soulshine Yoga Classes

Health Facilitator

My role is to help guide you on your healing journey. Using acupuncture, yoga meditation, Chinese 5 Element nutrition and Reiki, I will help facilitate your healing process.