acupuncture needlesBlending Western and Eastern Assessment tools in my approach, Acupuncture Physical Medicine, I choose acupuncture points specific to your conditions. Acupuncture “needles’ are really like fine ‘pins’ and are inserted in specific acupoints to help redirect your body’s energy, or Qi and restore balance and health. Depending on your situation muscle knots, or trigger points can be needled. Acupuncture affects the hormones in your body such as endorphins or serotonin causing pain relief and a very calm feeling.


cuppingA soothing and anti inflammatory oil  is applied to the area of your body that we will be addressing. Silicone cups are then placed on acupoints or tight muscles to help increase circulation, Qi flow and relieve tension. I then can ‘slide’ the cups over the constricted muscles and acupoints. This technique is usually used in conjunction during an acupuncture treatment.

Electro acupuncture

Metal clips are placed on the ends of the acupuncture needles and a gentle electric current is passed through. This is similar to a TENS unit that many physiotherapists use. Usually, electro acupuncture is used on stubborn, tight muscles and is very effective in treating arthritis and tendonitis.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha, or “skin scraping” is used in many cultures to move Qi and Blood and disperse stagnation. Ointment or oil is applied on the area to be treated and then a gua sha tool is rubbed over the affected area until the Sha, or redness surfaces. This technique actually feels good, often likened to a massage. It is very effective in treating respiratory disorders, as well as tight muscles.






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